Missouri New Gun Laws

Ever had one of those mornings you wished you would have just stayed in bed?

In trying to understand SB 656 and/or HB 1468, prepare to be as confused as I was.

First let me address HB 1468, as that seems to be the simpler issue.  Yes, it passed the house, but only passed senate special committee.  However, it was not included in SB 656.

But what is confusing about SB 656 is the fact that there are TWO of them!  One was created in 2014 and the other 2016.  AND both are related to gun issues and both were vetoed by the Missouri governor.

Here is an idea, since our founders believed that our constitution should be easy to read and understand, so any ‘lay’ person could understand our law, shouldn’t the process of making law be the same?  In fact these laws were not meant to override our constitution, both Missouri and U.S., but they do.


How Can One Amend a Bill that has been Passed by the MO House and Senate aka MO Gun Control

This morning we reported on the MO Law that is to help get our Missouri gun laws more in line with our Constitution, both state and federal.

A Tale of TWO Bills aka Missouri Gun Control

However, it appears that the bill that was passed was not the bill that was passed by the senate and the house, HB 1468.

And now, after reviewing the information, we are presented with more information, in the form of amendments to HB 1468, which is already a bill that has been passed.


Why are amendments being added to a bill that has already passed?

When we expand the screen, we can see the additional amendments.


This is the original HB 1468 LINK to .pdf.  Maybe this writer is just confused, and I would hope that would be the case.  However, if that is true, why are the ‘amendments‘ not dated nor signed?


What’s up MO Legislature?


UPDATE: http://mo8th.com/missouri-new-gun-laws/




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