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Fulton DA’s investigation into Trump heads to grand jury

Biden erases Dr. Seuss from ‘Read Across America’ proclamation as progressives seek to cancel beloved author


Republic in Transition: The Final Drama
Cultural Intelligence

“This Election Was Rigged and the Supreme Court and Other Courts Did Not Want to Do Anything About It” – Trump Blasts Fraudulent Election – Cowardly SCOTUS (VIDEO)

Seems something is going on with New Era???

DQ it @ 45:50



THEY TOOK OVER OUR NATION WITHOUT A SINGLE SHOT FIRED!Today I had to go into town, one of the things I dread in these days. I needed a few supplies, particularly a pair of comfortable shoes so that I might wait in line to see our President. I was so disappointed with my trip to Farmington, MO as I scoured FIVE different shoe vendors; I could ONLY find MADE IN CHINA tags!

I always considered Farmington to be the

HEARTLAND  of America, now the only RED I see is Chinese communist RED!


Embarrassing excuse offered for Biden’s vanishing State of the Union Address




World Economic Forum shouted down on Twitter for suggesting Covid-19 lockdowns ‘improved cities all over the world


BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Getting Sued Over Voter Scam



Fort Knox to conduct ‘louder than normal’ training exercises Feb. 26 to March 5
“Military training involving aircraft, maneuvers and weapons firing in the daytime and nighttime hours is an important aspect of maintaining critical capabilities and readiness of the units,” the police department said in its Facebook post. “This notice is provided as a courtesy for residents of neighboring communities.”

CPAC Day 1: Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott and Ted Cruz to Headline

It’s HAPPENING!! Two Senators Have Called Me In The Last 24 Hours Asking For My Capitol Hill Video

For the last two months I have spent every waking moment sending video I captured of an undercover cop (or military) pulling a spidered window out of its frame at the East Entrance to the Capitol and urging “rioters” – including me – inside.
In the past 24 hours, the offices of Sen. Josh Hawley and, of all people, Sen. Kirsten Sinema have called me to obtain the raw footage.

I was beginning to lose hope. IDK if my emails are getting lost in spam, ignored, or if the truth of what I captured scares the living shit out of them, but I wasn’t getting any answers; until now.

Pray that this footage really does flip the script.

The Great Awakening by NUMBERS with Charles J. Wolfe, Alpa Soni & Charlie Ward

Kathryn Limbaugh Takes Your Calls on Rush’s Remarkable Life

ERCOT board members who live outside of Texas are resigning in the aftermath of the power outage, winter storm

Another Democrat Narrative Goes up in Flames – Ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund Says He Had Intel Antifa Was Part of the January 6 Attack (VIDEO)

MO county passes law to arrest feds who try enforcing federal gun control laws in county
The act requires “the courts and law enforcement agencies to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms,” adding that law enforcement agencies, county employees and political subdivisions will not have “authority to enforce or attempt to enforce any federal laws, orders or rules infringing on the right to keep and bear arms.”

Any federal agents who attempt to enforce federal regulations that violate the Second Amendment “shall be subject to arrest by the Newton County Missouri Sheriff’s Department,” according to the act.

The HEARTLAND of America