March 5th – Mark it on your Calendar

It seems the issue of the misuse of DNR funds meant to repair environmental damages of the lead smelters is getting around, good!

It is clear, in this writers mind, this issue  has gone viral; as it should.  This is not only over reach of our Missouri government, in is immoral.  To take monies that were meant to clean up areas of toxic waste and to squander them by purchasing private property for a state park, takes funds from the local school systems in those areas.  So not only does it damage the areas that were already damaged, it extends the damage.  What are these folks thinking? Our politicians are our Public Servants, not entrepreneurs that can squander our resources!

We have invited all of the Missouri politicians involved in this debauchery of power.  Many have contacted us stating that they are busy on that date and we have asked for a video response on that issue, so their constituents might be clear on their position.  We have, however, had a few that have responded and are adamantly against this project.  They have updated us with their RSVP to speak.

We will be posting our speaker list next week.  In the meantime, we took a trip to the venue, outside of Libertville, MO … It is huge!  With all the ‘viral’ traffic from our website, we expect to pack it!

Nelsons Music Hall

Nelsons Music Hall - Front View

Vendor spaces are available for this event.

Missouri Citizens Against DNR – Land and Cash Grab – Rally!


Libertyville, MO

LibertyvilleLibertyville, MO; marks the oldest Christian church, west of the Mississippi and that is where Granny Bert is interned; a simple piece of granite marks her life.  But it is so much more in my mind.  I sort of think that it is befitting that her granddaughter takes up the banner of Liberty, as did she.

If one knew my Granny they would know that during the ‘Great Depression‘ she would haul food, that she had produced on her farm, into the local town, Farmington, because in her mind; people were starving.  She was right.  However, the federal government did not see it that way and threatened her for doing what she was doing.  Granny gave them the bird, sometimes fried or stewed, and kept on doing what she was doing.  Because she ‘preached about our ‘rights’ and freedom… part of my reason for joining the Marine Corps was installed in my mind around Libertyville, MO … Ironically, just a hop, skip and a jump from where our Rally is to be held.

Missouri Citizens Against DNR – Land and Cash Grab – Rally!

I don’t mean to be a ‘know-it-all‘ as I have been accused of being, I am not.  I just know, by historic reasoning and interactions, things have changed; as well I know how to research.  Nor,I am not a ‘righteous’ person, just check me out … I am a sinner. Jesus set me on this path as he showed me the difference of sin and how to Honor our Father.  To not believe is to not have Faith.  I believe it is so important to know God, whatever your faith is.

Trust me, God is alive and doing well, in and around Libertyville, MO!

OoRah – March 5th – Mark it on your calendar, for Granny!



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