Ike Skelton interviews & endorses Dr. Hal Brown for the 8th District

HalbrownJuly 24, 2016—Ike Skelton, a key figure in Missouri Tea Party and director of Missourians For The Unborn (MFTU) just interviewed and affirmed his endorsement of Dr. Hal Brown.

Hal Brown is challenging Jason Smith in the August 2, 2016 Republican primary in the Missouri 8th Congressional District.

Ike asked Hal about key positions on topics from the national debt, Fair Tax, immigration, term limits and healthcare to abortion, the Second Amendment, the “old boy” Washington system and elected officials keeping their promises.

Ike asked Hal about “bold moves” he is promising. Hal talked about pushing strongly for a budget balanced. He also talked about abolishing the IRS and the unmanageable mountain of tax regulations. Hal advocates the Fair Tax system.

Hal wants to take power away from Washington, D.C. and return it to Missouri and the other 49 states. Ike asked Hal about the Convention of States. Hal believes it will probably be necessary to properly codify the beliefs of the States on such issues as term limits and a balanced budget, among others.

Hal promises to hold town hall meetings all throughout his term to learn what his constituents are thinking. Ike pointed out how novel that would be!

Ike called Hal’s access to citizens during the campaign “unprecedented.”

Ike concluded the interview by talking directly into the camera to the viewers:

“I believe that Dr. Hal Brown would be the best person in the 8th Congressional District to take your views and your principles and your life and your prosperity to Washington D.C.; and try to bring that back to the people. [Then turning to Hal, Ike continued] I think you will be a good citizen legislator and I appreciate it.”

Is it time for a third-party?

not dumbWith many leaving their parties, because of the unsatisfactory candidate, could this actually make a third-party option viable? For the first time in over a century of American history, it appears, a third-party option is viable. 

It is suggested that over 13 million voters will leave the Democrat party this week. While an estimated 39% of the GOP will leave their party.

Last night’s exit poll: 39% of Republican voters would consider a third party in a Trump/Hillary election

That leaves a lot of disenfranchised voters. Where will they go? This writer is praying that they go back to basics, to our Constitution.


While the Constitution Party is busy gaining ballot access, there are still a few states that are needing access.

ballot access

It is clear that a Trump/Hillary vote would be a vote for globalism/U.N. Agenda 21.  But what about those folks that do not want to give up American sovereignty and want to pass on America, our Constitution, to their grandchildren?  Every veteran that swore an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution should be outraged! It is time for the true patriots to stand on God and principles.

It is going to take a whole lot of Davids to slay Goliath. 

Are you a David?



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